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The Marquee 8500 comes standard with IR digital remote control, 8" magnetic focus liquid-cooled CRTs, and 45 zone convergence. The USPL HD-8 color-corrected lenses deliver 225 ANSI lumens to recommended screen widths up to 87" with 1350 x 1100 resolution and 100mhz bandwidth. Scan rates of 15khz to 130khz are supported, and vertical refresh of 38hz to 180hz. One RGBHV input is standard, a second RGBHV input is a low-cost option. The input section provides blue gamma correction for accurate gray scale tracking as well as five onboard test patterns, ease of adjustment through simple on-screen menus, and a comprehensive on-screen Help section to explain any setup parameter. Zone dot-shape correction and zone electronic focus are also standard; they ensure crisp focus from image center all the way into the corners. Our E-Tech proprietary fan-noise reduction mod ensures noise levels below 45db, hush-box enclosures are unnecessary. An attractive putty and gray cabinet is standard, custom paint colors are a low-cost option. The 8500 can be table or ceiling mounted on front or rear screens.
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