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The Marquee 9500LC is truly a flagship platform that employs 9" magnetic-focus CRTs with sophisticated Liquid-Coupled optics for accurate display of black and deep grays. The three LC tube assemblies each employ a pair of massive nested aluminum castings held together by pivot pins and a rubber bellows; the tube face mounts to the rear casting and a thin lucite C lens element mounts to the front casting. The space in between holds about twenty ounces of glycol mixture that completely fills the gap between; this fluid is the first lens; any light that might reflect from the raster back onto the tube face is scattered by the fluid; black and deep grays are faithfully rendered like no other optical layout can. The tube face in the rear casting can be pivoted by allen bolt adjustment to provide continuous scheimpflug (top/bottom and side/side) focus adjustment to allow crisp optical alignment from corner to corner. Three of the five internal elements in the USPL HD-10-series lenses are glass and the 9500LC delivers 240 ANSI lumens to recommended screen widths up to 96" with 1500 x 1200 ANSI resolution.
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