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E-Tech was formed in 1999 by former Electrohome dealer Tim Martin, who believed that existing retail home theater outlets lacked the knowledge and expertise to deliver film-quality images at affordable prices. E-Tech's mission is to deliver the highest quality results by offering new, custom-built and remanufactured projection equipment paired with cutting edge video sources to achieve the highest performance for the lowest cost, without compromising reliability.
Below is just a sample of the customers that we have done work for:
SGI Daimler Chrysler
Ford Motor Company General Motors Corporation
Lear Seigler NASA/Lewis Research Center
The United States Air Force Virginia Tech.
The University of Michigan U.S. Dept. of Energy
So who is Electrohome and is the Marquee still being built?
Electrohome is a venerable eighty year old Canadian-based holding company that started out making hand-crank phonographs back in the 20's. Their ability to craft an entire machine led them into the furniture business, then the precision electric motor business. At various times they made kitchen blenders, fans, mail boxes, a whole galaxy of different products to keep their plant busy. They supplied thousands of small precision electric motors to Rolls Royce for car air-conditioning systems. Electrohome trended into electronics and small TV monitors, this led to development of their first data projector, a monochrome green device that scanned to 24khz, the EDP56, around 1978. They experimented with dichroic optics in a projector that combined three colors out to one lens, the reverse of a TV camera light path; that reached the market as the ECP1000 around 1983. The one-lens configuration was further refined in the ECP Graphics around 1986, which was Electrohome's first digital chassis and was the foundation for models ECP3000 and ECP4000, where the dichroic layout was abandoned in favor of three regular lenses. The company was publicly traded on the Canadian stock market but majority ownership was held by the Pollock family, whose other holdings included TV and radio stations as well. The CRT projection group was staffed by some terrific engineering talent; this gifted team of designers introduced the Marquee series of 8" and 9" CRT data projectors in 1992 at a dealer meeting in Toronto. This team also developed some early DLP designs called the Vista series, and the Roadie series which was optimized for rental and staging. The Pollock family saw that DLP digital cinema was coming, but was reluctant to invest the millions needed for further development. This led to the sale of the Projection Systems group to Christie in 1999, and Electrohome's acquisition of a pioneering virtual reality systems integrator called FakeSpace Systems. The Pollocks also bought out a FakeSpace competitor, Pyramid Systems Inc. of Southfield Michigan, a VR integrator that I helped start in 1989. Pyramid had acquired rights from the University of illinois to take two of their inventions to market; the CAVE cubic virtual e nvironment, and the single-screen Immersadesk, a rear-projection 84" monitor configured like a drafting table and equipped to display stereoscopic images with the help of lcd shutter goggles. The CAVE and Immersadesk were the leading products of their kind among university and corporate researchers everywhere. Christie was a maker of film cinema projection equipment and was seen as a natural base from which to develop cinema DLP systems; this focus led to their decision to sell the Marquee CRT program to Video Display Corporation in October of 2001. The Marquee series is in active production today in Florida at Video Display Corporation, which is very active in building flight simulators and other display offerings for government and the military; they saw the value of having a more advanced CRT chassis than the aging Ampro lineup, namely the Marquee platform. The Marquee platform is the chassis of the Madrigal MP8 and MP9, and is also found under the hood of the Vidikron Vision units.
Tim at E-Tech Systems Phoenix
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