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Marquee Model & Chassis Numbers
8000 38-P13082-93
8110 38-P11075-95
8500 38-P13085-95
8500LC 38-P130LC-95
8500 Ultra 38-P15285-98
8500LC Ultra 38-P152LC-98
9000LC 38-P13092-xx
9500LC 38-P13095-95
9500LC Ultra 38-P15297-xx and 38-P15298-xx
Units shipped with factory Acon end in 1 (as in 8501) with -AC in the chassis version, as in 38-P13095-A; units that are factory P43 for stereoscopic display end in -ST. The 8500LC incorporates USPL 9" lenses from the HD-10-series and can be upfitted with nine inch CRTs later to give the performance of a 9500LC.
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